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SIW Community LAB

We weren't meant to parent in isolation. 

Learn to provide an enriching environment - without all the plastic bells and whistles. Learn how to stimulate your infant or toddler's growth and development. We're here to help you stop doing it in a vacuum.

Meet the content and community hub for families with infants and toddlers.

The internet can be a vast and scary place, but parenting is easier when we have resources, information, and communities of support. 

Our mission is to empower families 

through knowledge and connection, nurturing parents and caregivers 

so you can support your children. 

You could spend time, energy and money (I don't know a single parent who has all of those) searching for tools and resources, slowly cobbling together one or two of the alternatives... OR you could find them ALL IN ONE PLACE:

The Strength In Words (SIW) Community LAB

Parenthood is the great equalizer

no matter who we are, we are all connected as parents raising tiny humans. Regardless of cultural, linguistic or socio-economic background, we can all provide rich developmental experiences for our children when we learn to recognize the value of everyday interactions & everyday objects to support development.

There's a way to get to the heart of parenthoodit's a mixture of science and art.

Our Community LAB (Learning Activity Buffet) saves you time, energy and money. Give yourself peace of mind, access to the information and the support you need, when you need it. 

Dip in and dip out - come inside the LAB and grab a few morsels to apply right now, without feeling overwhelmed. 

Get rid of the google rabbit hole.

The SIW Community LAB changes the ways parents access developmental resources and parental support by providing virtual access to a community of other families all over the world, live interactive events, and opportunities to engage in simple, positive family interactions...

from the comfort of your home

(we even have an app!!!)

I'm Ayelet Marinovich, the mother of two young children & a pediatric speech-language pathologist 

I know first-hand the frustrations and feelings of overwhelm, vulnerability, and disconnect that naturally come with being a parent because I am a mother, two times over, with two very different little people. 

As a professional specializing in work with families with infants and toddlers, I know the developmental sequence and have created an arsenal of tools (and a powerhouse of professionals) to break down infant and toddler learning so parents can best support their children. 

When we understand how our young children learn, we feel more...

Connected to ourselves as parents, and to our tiny humans

Confident in the development of our own parenting philosophies

Empowered to support our children when and how they need it

"I just want to enjoy this special time with my little guy, and I want evidence-based information. That's why I love this resource. Everything in the SIW Community LAB is geared toward enrichment and joy: finding ways to make songs interactive, changing up oldies but goodies so they don't grow stale when repeated day in and day out, learning how to sit back and find inspiration in the most mundane of materials. It's also a powerhouse of expert opinions on issues ranging from feeding and solid foods to Montessori practices, and the live webcasts make reaching out to other parents and professionals feel like we really are all on this journey together.... all from the comfort of my living room. It's expertly designed for both parents and kids, so if my little guy is napping or awake, I can participate! I'm so happy I found this group, and I hope other parents get as much out of it as I already have." (Rachel K., Parent of Infant)

SIW Community Lab is perfect for the busy parent who wants to spend quality time with their child! It’s so nice to be in the comfort of our own home, yet feel like we are part of Ayelet’s music class! Developmental information & related activities are grouped by age ranges, which takes all the guess work out of planning FUN with my little one. Such a great resource!” (Hallie B., Parent of Toddler)

"Resources in the SIW Community LAB teach us ways to be more attuned to our baby, how to be more responsive. You're helping us nurture our baby's vagus nerve so they can feel safe and connected and are better equipped to handle the stressors of life well. You're creating this incredible ripple effect that's creating a better world one baby at a time." (Lisa G., Parent of Infant)

Come join the all-in-one resource 

(providing simplified information and activities, access and connection to other parents and professionals) 

that isn't one-size-fits-all. 

Become a more empowered, confident, and connected YOU.

"In the beginning, it was hard feeling like at the end of the day I hadn't stopped moving... but I literally couldn't tell you one thing I accomplished. It left me feeling like maybe I didn't make the most of that day. I wanted to start learning about how I could play with her - so I could start to just ENJOY her. As my baby grew, I wanted to learn more about what to be aware of, and the SIW Community LAB is the perfect way to access high-quality information and ideas on the go, and I know these little things are going to benefit her. You've made it so easy to engage with my baby, and I love having access to you." (Brooke H., Parent of Infant)

“Having a child with special needs can be difficult and disheartening when trying to find things that are appropriate for him - but here, everything is laid out so I can easily find what’s right for HIM! Thank you for creating something that’s so easy to use, that my baby loves, and that takes the pressure off me to make sure it’s developmentally appropriate!” (Theresa R., Parent of Toddler)

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